iPhone calendar to Outlook

…exporting your iPhone calendar to Outlook on your PC

Here is a quick method to export appointments and other events from your iPhone Calendar to our Windows PC. While there is no dedicated Apple calendar application for Windows, there is an easy way to export your iPhone calendar to Outlook on your PC.

Do you know that for Mac, there is an app called Calendar which can automatically and directly sync your iPhone calendars with your computer? The Calendar application is not available for Windows but the process of transferring your iPhone calendar events is almost as simple.

Here is a quick way to export your iPhone calendar events to your Outlook on your computer described in the set of easy steps below:

1. Download and run the a small PC tool called CopyTrans Contacts from the following link:

2. Plug your iPhone to your computer and wait until you see all of your iPhone data load, then click on the Calendar icon. You will see your iPhone calendars show within the main program window on your computer

3. Select the iPhone calendar you would like to export to Outlook and click on “Export selected”

4. Choose a location where to temporarily export your iPhone calendar on your computer. You can see your iPhone calendar directly on your computer saved in an iCalendar file

5. Now, run your Outlook and navigate to File > Open > Import

6. From Import/Export wizard window which appears, choose “Import an iCalendar (.ics)…” and click “Next”

7. Now, browse to the place where you saved your iPhone Calendar into an iCalendar file and click OK

8. At the end, choose whether to open your iPhone calendar as a new calendar in Outlook on your PC or import your iPhone calendar events to your already existing Outlook calendar

Alternative way via iTunes

1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and run iTunes

2. Once your iPhone appears in iTunes’ main window, click on the new iPhone button which appears

3. Now, click on the “Info” tab and check the “Sync Calendars with” option setting the sync destination to Outlook

Note: In order to export your iPhone contacts to Outlook via iTunes, you must first make sure you have Outlook installed on your computer

4. Finally, click on the “Sync” button in order to effectuate the sync between your iPhone calendar and your Outlook calendar.

You can now open your Outlook and see all of your iPhone calendar events transferred over.

This is an easy method to export your iPhone calendars to Outlook on your PC.


  1. Hi does not work. I have outlook and am following instructions. No events are synced and do not show up on outlook (or vice versa). Please help!

    1. Hi Ralph, I just updated the instructions - please follow the first part using the third-party utility which should work better. I agree that syncing with iTunes doesn't always bring the expected results.